The Way We Talk
The Way We TalkMarch 20, 2018Most Importantly: It’s App-uh-LATCH-un. If you say it wrong, we’ll correct you. If you keep it up, we... Continue ReadingRead More
Henry River Mill Village
Henry River Mill VillageMarch 20, 2018Six Miles Outside of Hickory I find myself at a standstill outside two swinging metal gates.  Its calm,... Continue ReadingRead More
Beer in the Foothills
Beer in the FoothillsDecember 17, 2017Craft beer has become tremendously popular across the country. This boom has created an excellent opportunity for  Foothills... Continue ReadingRead More
From Blight to Community Anchor
From Blight to Community AnchorDecember 16, 2017By Cecily Zagaroli Drive across North Carolina, through any town and you’ll probably see familiar images of boarded... Continue ReadingRead More
Mitchell and Tim Gold
Mitchell and Tim GoldDecember 5, 2017In 1989, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams formed a furniture company based on the simple motto “comfort for... Continue ReadingRead More
CAMP MEETINGNovember 24, 2017An Endangered American Tradition Thrives in the Foothills of North Carolina Camp meetings used to thrive across the... Continue ReadingRead More
One Family’s Passion to Preserve History-THE NEW STORY OF HART SQUARE VILLAGE
One Family’s Passion to Preserve History-THE NEW STORY OF HART SQUARE VILLAGENovember 24, 2017The beginnings were modest, as beginnings often are. In the early 1970s, Dr. Hart began purchasing land in... Continue ReadingRead More

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