Foothills Digest is a quarterly magazine which seeks to invigorate the sense of community, honor the traditions, and highlight the beauty and resolve of the Foothills region of NC, while giving voice to the art, movements and leaders who will shape our future.

We see a marked hole in the market for high quality, yet local magazines. We intend to provide our readership with an excellent experience while educating them on what is available in the area, and reminding them of the rich history. We will be forward thinking, focused on art and beauty, and we will be of value, both to our readers and to our advertisers.

We will employ traditional techniques to expand our subscription readership, while providing subscriptions to spas, doctor offices, and all other high end waiting rooms in the region. We will also form relationships with the nicest hotels and AirBNBs in the area to ensure that travelers have access to our magazine.

The magazine is meant to be a pleasant read for any person who is able to pick it up. To that end, we have many different types of articles.

Our region is large and beautiful and includes a great many towns. A handful are marked on this map to give you a visual representation of our region. All towns within this map are part of our area!

  1. Boone
  2. Wilkesboro
  3. Mount Airy
  4. Hickory
  5. Statesville
  6. Rutherfordton
  7. Shelby
  8. Gastonia

Click the image below to find out more about our Edison Competition Win. Photo by Pat Appleson. To find out more about the Edison Competition generally, click here.

Foothills Digest is brought to you primarily by Carmen and Jon Eckard of Eckard Photographic. Carmen is the publisher and editor, also frequently writing articles. Jon is the magazine’s photographer, and he’s responsible for the feeling you get when you hold the magazine that feels like “aaaaaahhhhhh.”

We love submissions, so make sure you send your ideas to us! We never want this to be an Eckard magazine. We want this to be a magazine that covers the whole region beautifully, so we need your help!